This is not a book of opinions. It is the results of 3 years of research. Tables, graphs, statistics, and data are used  throughout to support all observations and findings.


Non-fiction books are notorious for being dull and tedious to read. As pointed out in the reviews, this book is written in a clear and interesting style that is an easy and enjoyable reading experience. 

Nearly all Americans are aware of current national affairs. Through social media, TV, and other sources, we learn of foreign wars, pandemics, elections, and politics. But few people are aware of the big picture of how we got here or of the evolving progress that has led to our world today.


Humans have lived in the world of kings and slaves since ancient times. This has slowly changed over the last 300 years to a world where representative government is the norm. The events that led to this major change are covered here. 


Except for the Civil War of 1861, America has had a successful government for over 250 years that featured cooperation and compromise. This abruptly changed in 1987. We now have a dysfunctional government due to a large contingent of extremists that avoid cooperation and compromise. 


A major factor that led to this large political division has been the constant attempts of extremists to change the meaning of the word “liberal”. They have been successful in cultivating illogical hatred of liberals. This book corrects that false image of liberals. The actual policies, accomplishments, and records of liberal progress in creating the country we have today are presented here.




A brilliant book, very highly recommended. The degree of documentation and extensive appendices is most impressive! This book is enriching and entertaining.

      Grady Harp, Hall of Fame Top 100 reviewers.


This book is essential reading. 

      John Kelly, Detroit Free Press


A must-read for everyone. A well-researched, highly interesting, and informative book. 5 stars. 

      Maria Beltran, Reader's Favorite Review


Everyone should read this book. A talented writer.

      David E. Simon, Attorney at Law


Very Enlightening!

      Dr. Diane Carson


Most non-fiction politics are dry as toast, but I devoured this book. Extensively researched accomplishments of liberals over the past few centuries will astound you. With the lively and sometimes humorous writing it was hard for me to put it down.  

      HUGEOrange Publication Review


Marcelo, I just finished reading your book, and it was outstanding. Also, I loved the way you weaved lots of humor into the telling of the story of our great nation. E.g., all middle linebackers are named Mike. It cuts through all the BS and goes directly to the point. Good Job! I have recommended it to at least 25-30 people.

      Larry Scott - Quora



1861 Texas Articles of Secession

"These Southern States and their beneficent and patriarchal system of African slavery, proclaiming the debasing doctrine of the equality of all men, irrespective of race or color--a doctrine at war with nature, in opposition to the experience of mankind, and in violation of the plainest revelations of the Divine Law.”


 Public Opinion

The American public is almost unanimous - 90% - in demanding background checks for all gun sales. Yet 100% of all Republicans in Washington voted against background checks.  Most Americans - 70%- want assault-style weapons banned as they have been in the past. Yet Republicans in Washington voted to legalize military type assault guns - AR15.


 The Economy

Unbiased, independent, objective analyses always show it is an undeniable fact that the economy does better under the Democrats. All the economic indicators - GDP (Gross Domestic Product), S&P (Standard & Poor), deficits, profits, jobs, incomes, etc. - have historically been better under Democratic administrations.


Competitive Freee Market Outlawed

In 2003, Billy Tauzin, a Republican Congressman from Louisiana was the chief architect of the Medicare Drug Bill. Tauzin allowed the drug companies to write the Medicare Drug bill. This drug company written bill made it illegal to negotiate for lower drug prices. The Republican bill prevented Medicare drugs from being competitively priced. The drug companies were so grateful to Billy Tauzin for handing them billions of dollars of your money that Tauzin was hired as the chief drug lobbyist at $2 million per year.

 Major Accomplishments of Liberals

Women's right to vote

Freedom to sell alcohol (after it was outlawed)

Public education for everyone

Fairness in Broadcasting (1949 - 1987)

Declaration of Independence from Britain

Separation of church and state

Child labor outlawed

Emancipation Proclamation- end of slavery


Freedom of same sex marriages

Social Security

Monopolies outlawed

Freedom to use marijuana

1957 Civil Rights Act

Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare)

Worker - Management agreements

         40 hour work week

         Living wages

         Employer Health insurance

         Work breaks

         Extra pay for overtime hours 

         Equal opportunity for all races, genders, ethnicities    

         Protection from sexual harassment and inequality

         Pension plans

         Termination and discipline justification procedures

         Paid vacations

         Workers' rights

Consumer Protections from Dangerous products

         Safe food and drugs - FDA

        Seat belts, catalytic converters, air bags

        Potable water & breathable air - EPA



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The author was a Spacecraft Engineer on NASA's Apollo program and a Computer Science instructor at California State University. He holds a master’s degree in Systems Engineering from the University of California and has traveled extensively through Europe, Asia, Africa, and South America. Among his many accomplishments, are ascending Mt. Kilimanjaro, Mt. Everest, and photographing total solar eclipses around the world. Living on the beach in Southern California, he is involved in managing his real estate investments, writing, and spending time with his grown children and his grandkids.


 1. Relocated from frosty Milwaukee to sunny Southern California.

 2. Fathered 3 children.

 3. Earned a BS in electronics engineering.

 4. Earned an MS in computer systems engineering.

 5. Became the starting halfback, safety, and kick returner on high school football team.  

 6. Became a NASA Apollo Spacecraft engineer in California.

 7. Earned a real estate broker’s license.

 8. Scuba diving in the Cayman Islands, Pennekamp Florida, and Catalina Island.

 9. Coached several championship football teams.

 10. Taught engineering classes at universities.

 11. Became the state champion wrestler in high school.

 12. Took photographs of total solar eclipses around the world.

 13. Toured Turkey, Great Britain, Kenya, Nepal, Holland, and Peru.

 14. Climbed Mt. Whitney, Mt. San Gorgonio, Mt. Baldy, Mt Wilson, and Mt. San Jacinto in California.

 15. An African safari.

 16. Ran half marathons, rode a bicycle marathon, and a Bicycle Tour of Vancouver. 

 17. Rode cross-country on a customized Harley Davidson motorcycle.

 18. Ran the rapids of the Colorado River 250 miles through the Grand Canyon.

 19. Visited the Playboy Mansion in Beverly Hills.

 20. Visited ancestral home and relatives in the Italian Alps.

 21. Built and raced an SCCA competition sports car. 

 22. Climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro in Africa.

 23. Skied Aspen, Mammoth, Vail, Park City, Snowbird, Squaw Valley, Heavenly, and Snow Summit.

 24. Visited St. Basil’s in Red Square, Moscow, and the famous Fringe Festival in Edinburgh, Scotland.

 25. Visited Paris, London, Sydney, New York, Istanbul, Boston, Amsterdam, Havana, and Washington DC.

 26. Visited the Aztec Pyramids in Mexico and the lost city of Machu Pichu. 

 27. Saw the Roman Empire ruins in Rome, in Ephesus, and in Pergamum, Turkey.

 28. Toured India, Tanzania, Italy, Hawaii, Thailand, Australia.

 29. Hiked the Great Wall in China, the Inca Trail in Peru, and the Phantom Ranch Trail in the  Grand Canyon.

 30. Rafted rivers in South America, New Mexico, Jamaica, and California

 31. Bangkok, Kathmandu, Mexico City, Istanbul, Brussels, Montreal, and Beijing.

 32. Ascended Mt. Everest 

 33. Kayaked in Canada, Costa Rica, Arizona, California, and Jamaica.

 34. Published a book about my ancestors, my life, my travels, and life’s lessons.

 35. Studied communism in Russia, China, and Cuba.

 36. Cruise ships on the Rhine, the Mediterranean, the Caribbean, and Baja Mexico.

 37. Learning to speak another language.

 38.. Wrote a history book on how liberals changed the world.