A brilliant book, very highly recommended. —Grady Harp, Hall of Fame Top 100 reviewers.


This book is essential reading. —John Kelly, Detroit Free Press


A powerful read. I devoured this book. It was hard for me to put it down. Extensively researched. —HUGEOrange Publication Review


A must-read for everyone. A highly interesting and informative book. ★★★★★ —Maria Beltran, Reader’s Favorite Review


Pacific Book Review

In recent decades, one of the most divisive heated and charged topics of the modern world has been politics. Left or right, Republican or Democrat, conservative or liberal, the divide between people using these terms has grown thanks to campaigns to make people believe anyone associated with these terms is a certain thing that makes people angry. As the late and great John F. Kennedy once said, “Let us not seek the Republican answer or the Democratic answer, but the right answer. Let us not seek to fix the blame for the past. Let us accept our own responsibility for the future.” In author Marcelo Brazzi’s book The Liberal Record: Everything You Need To Know, this divide is explored in detail.

In this book, the author goes to great lengths to really explore the reason such a major divide exists between liberals and conservatives. From defining the term of each identifying title to exploring the root cause of the increase in political division, keeping track of the records of the various parties and finally what individuals and groups have been willing to do to further the gap between people politically and therefore socially as well.

In this book, the author presents a well-researched, partisan and intellectual look into this politically charged and heated topic while writing in a way that feels like an honest conversation between the author and the reader; as if they are sitting in a room drinking a cup of coffee and conversing. It’s an honest approach to the topic, detailing the path that brought the world to this point and the events that led to such a widening divide. From laws based on sex and the War on Drugs to the economy and gun laws, the author does a great job of showcasing research, charts, studies and experience to highlight the pros and cons of both parties, and why neither one is the definitive party to believe in, but perhaps a happy medium could exist somewhere.

This is a book written for those interested in politics, and more specifically the divide that exists between the left and the right. It was refreshing to see a book so well researched that didn’t belittle either side, but instead approached the topic from a partisan viewpoint that allowed people to see that there are no clear definitions of Republican or Democrat, but instead individuals and groups who fuel the flames that burn between the two groups.

This is a short and easy read, and makes the political divide fall into a whole new light that should allow readers to look past political affiliations and see the honest truth of the state of the world. Rather than living life according to one party or another, the author showcases how to see the facts and live life accordingly, making for a truly fascinating read. To see for yourself and truly dive into this heated topic, be sure to grab your copy of The Liberal Record by Marcelo Brazzi today and see where you fall in this modern world of politics.


“A must read, highly informative book.  Marcelo Brazzi presents his ideas in a way that is both interesting and informative. The book is well researched and presents an overview of the track record of the two major parties.  5 stars.

—Maria Beltran, Readers’ Favorite


HUGEOrange Publication Review

The Liberal Record, by Marcelo Brazzi


I’m not a non-fiction politics fan, generally, because most are dry as toast. But I devoured this book. 

Here’s a thorough look at the American history of laws and public policies in an interesting romp through time as well. With the writing lively and sometimes humorous it was hard for me to put it down.

Marcelo Brazzi aims to turn the downward spiral of our government around with a focus on the US electorate.  The well-researched activities of liberals over the past few centuries will astound you.

The Liberal Record is the perfect book for these imperfect times.  Covering the beginning of political behavior with a dive through history, he writes about the origins of man’s decision-making behaviors to give a clear view of today’s politics.

Anthropologists believed some consensus decision-making had existed at the tribal level since the caveman days. As tribes grew into communities, it became expeditious to have a single decision maker. It was estimated that the ability to speak evolved about 140,000 years ago, probably on a cloudy Tuesday in Tanzania. The next day, the first politician jumped up and said, “I will give everyone a shiny stone if you call me king and help me get rid of those annoying Neanderthals.

The current political atmosphere seems to be a storm of divisiveness and contention, doesn’t it? This book aims to bring the calm.

Well written and extensively researched, author Marcelo Brazzi explores both the Democratic and Republican party in a balanced way.  You’ll find he cuts through the petty rhetoric and distorted attacks, finding the true accomplishments of the liberal party. He points out that historically, conservatives have usually been on the wrong side of history by opposing changes to the status quo. But today’s conservatives, however, no longer oppose progressive changes of the past. The book challenges social liberals to keep on the right path for the sake of the country.

Social liberals have been behind all social progress of the past 300 years, and yet many Americans are unaware of who and what social liberals really are.

A powerful read for those that are politically active.  Regardless of which side you lean there is something to be found in this book.

It’s a strong look at the progress the United States has made.  Always movement away from the old conservative ways even during the occasional back-peddling we do.  America marches on.  The importance of government working as a whole is addressed and we must know where we have been and what we have done to advance to where we need to be.



The Liberal Record

The Liberal Record